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The Fast Forward Academy Community is a place for consumers, students, teachers, professionals, associations, and organizations to connect the finance industry. Do you need to find someone to manage your books or plan for retirement? Are you a student looking to further your education? Alternatively, are you a professional looking for organizations and associations related to the credentials you hold? Well, you have come to the right place... a community to help you develop and succeed in your professional endeavors.

Leverage the community to grow your business, promote your class, attract new members to your association, promote products & services, or simply connect with other industry professionals.

Who should connect?

  • Consumers
    • Looking for help with taxes and finances? We will provide recommendations of professionals in your area that can help or you can search our directory of qualified professionals.
  • Students
    • Looking for classes in your area? Find local teachers and classes to help advance your career.
  • Professionals
    • Do you want to grow your tax, accounting, or financial planning practice? Our SEO friendly pages will give you visibility on the Internet to connect you with new business as well as network or seek help from other professionals.
  • Teachers
    • Do you want to fill seats for your tax and finance classes? Get found on our site and connect with students locally or nationally.
  • Associations
    • Attract new members and stay in touch with existing members more effectively
  • Products and Services
    • Promote your financial products or services to industry professionals and consumers within our community. Connect and communicate with customers to build long-term brand loyalty.
The Fast Forward Academy Community, Connect Today to create a profile in less than two minutes, 100% FREE!

Below are examples of pages within the community that you may find interesting or useful...

Family Tax office prepares income taxes for individuals, and businesses. ...
9922 Wlaker St Ste B; Cypress, CA 90630
via: Sherrill      116 views      07/05/2013 2:51 PM
Tax Professional
I work for H&R Block with a Tax Advisor 1 certification. I am in the process of becoming an Enrolled Agent having passed 2 of the required 3 tests. I am currently working to pa ...
21033 S. Verne Ave.; Lakewood, CA 90715
via: Roy      209 views      05/16/2013 2:18 PM
John R McCoy, EA, CMA - Tax & Bookkeeping Services John R McCoy, EA, CMA - Tax & Bookkeeping Services
John has over 15 years of financial/accounting experience and is a graduate of California State University, Long Beach earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Adminis ...
5042 Andrew Drive; La Palma, CA 90623
via: John      757 views      02/08/2013 3:25 PM
ProAdvantage Business Services
As a business consultant, I work with small business owners and entrepreneuers to help them grow from small to BIG business. in association with LegalShield pro ...
1545 W. Katella Ave.; Anaheim, CA 92802
via: Joan      943 views      01/19/2012 4:52 PM
BhaktaTax.Com BhaktaTax.Com
Migrate from India 10 Years Ago.....with Accounting & Tax Education start Business & Practice in Los Angeles,CA Area Client. ...
11544 IMPERIAL HWY 05; NORWALK, CA 90650
via: Atulkumar      868 views      11/01/2012 4:50 PM

The Fast Forward Academy Community, Connect Today to create a profile in less than two minutes, 100% FREE!

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