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Stephanie Sinclair

Just starting out in the business and wondering what would be the best tax program to purchase.  Since the only clients may be myself and my adult children, I don't want to spend a fortune.  I have used ATX in the past and not thrilled with that product.  Do any of you use Pro Series and are you happy with it?

Also need to know about Acctg software and payroll.  I will be offering bookkeeping, payroll, and tax preparation services and looking for the best programs that won't cost me a fortune.  I have been using Peachtree but hate their tech support system (was on hold for almost 2 hours!).


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I have used lacerte, which is the next step up from pro series. I have always loved that program. I am no longer with a large firm. I have looked at a couple of programs. So far I like TaxAct the best. As for payroll and bookkeeping is love QuickBooks. I like that I can set up clients on this program, they can use it for their business, and bring me a copy. I just clean it up, make AJE and send it back. Saves everyone a lot of time and the clients love the up to date information. For payroll alone I use Sax Tax payroll.
Posted by Kimberly on 02/21/2012 @ 6:40 AM
I have used Pro-seires for 10-15 years, it's great very few notices of change and the girls use quick books for payroll, I guess it's o.k. but invovled
Posted by Joseph on 02/21/2012 @ 1:08 PM
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Y Hicks-Johnson

Been using Drake Software for about 10 years and love both their pay-per-use option and the all inclusive option.  reasonbly price to me

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Teresa H Burke-Ellet

Drake Software has pay-per-use option, and has great support and pricing.

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Wendy Torres

I have used TaxACT for about 3 years now.   You really just pay for the Federal and the States that you need, then for each efile.  If you think that you will be filing a large quanity they have Bundles available for that also.  For me, I just have about 25 clients so I just buy the individual programs and then prepay for the efiling fees. 

It is very reasonably priced for small tax prep businesses.  You should check them out at 

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Richard S. Shirley

I use ProSeries tax software and really like it. They also have pay per return. To me Pro Series is Turbo Tax's big brother. I used TurboTax to do my personal returns before I got into the business.

I use DacEasy Accounting and Paroll for my accounting work. I have just lately been looking at Payroll Mate and W-2 Mate as an alternate for a less expensive payroll option. I used the W-2 Mate this year and really liked it. Very reasonaly priced.

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Mark Herrington

I started with drakes pay per return,  I would really consider if I was going into the business before spending a lot.  if all you are going to do is your family you might want to just do an online program.

If you are going after business than drake pay as you file is good way to start, but you can only charge for 11 returns without being an ERO, and I am not sure without an ERO if drake will let you file through them more than 11? I havent thought to ask that.  I am just assuming your not by the wording of your question.  If you are disregard this paragraph. 

With the new regulations I think I would suggest either GO for the business or just file your family online.  Just a thought. No one is excited about all the new regulations rules and fines in place now that puts pressure on due dilegence  GOOD READ is Circular 230 then decide if you want to invest a lot in just doing family?


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