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I would like to let people know that this test is nothing to be scared about.  I used the sample test here on Fast Forward's Web Site last night and took my test today.  I feel that I got most questions correct.  Disappointing not to know the score. The actual test was easier than the practice one on this site.  There were a few questions about tax practice that there was no way to look up while taking the test but  everything else was available in the Pub 17 and instructions.  However, they do not provide any way to search the available resources.  CNTL/F does not work - you have to jump to the index each time, and if you go back to the test, then it takes you back to the top of the document again, which is kind of annoying.  I went through first and marked the ones I needed to research and completed the easy ones.  That took 1/2 hour.  Then I went back and did the others, which took another hour.  They provide scratch paper and a calculator, but I did not need to use either of them.  They do not allow 3 hours as advertised.  Only allow 2.5 hours.  They take your watch, but you have a clock counting down on the screen.

Yes, they do give the results immediately after the test.  That is nice.  The Prometrics people act like wanna-be cops, which is actually pretty humorous.  I took my hoodie off because I got too warm and they snatched it up, saying I was not allowed to have it if I was not wearing it.  Then I got cold.  :-)

I don't want to say the test was too easy, but the version I had only tests for some very basic competence.   I am not sure that passing it is much to brag about.

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Joseph Fraher

Well you know if that wasn't challenging could start studying for the SEE!! By the way they don't give scores either when you pass.


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