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Insurance Industry Recruiting Top Financial Talent By Seeking Accountants With Education From Study for CPA Exam Passing Scores


As the operations at insurance companies experience rising financial sophistication, accountants are finding this industry calling for their abilities from CPA study courses. Insurance has always been a numbers-oriented business with its multitude of small transactions. Aggregation of those transactions requires accounting skills to assure accurate reports.

Digital records have aided in the development of data utilization for risk assessment and financial projections. Using analytical knowledge from CPA review courses, accountants are delivering value to the insurance industry by evaluating likely financial consequences of possible events. Also, detailed breakdown of financial details is required for reporting to state regulatory agencies.

Many accountants at large insurance companies still start at entry-level positions. But, they soon move up the ranks from their beginnings at compiling basic reports. That phase is only a steppingstone for learning all the components of an insurance company’s operations.

Because insurance organizations need analysts, they are eager to employ accountants that possess skills for immediate advancement into broad roles within the company. Some accountants move into supervising various accounting activities. The demands of these jobs are leading the companies to increasingly consider applicants with CPA licenses or recent graduates engaged in CPA exam study.

Certain credentials enhance the appeal of a prospective financial executive within the insurance field. Some of the recommendations are Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC), Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter (CPCU), and Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU). Each of these designations proves specific expertise in the insurance industry. Attaining them should come easier after the experience of completing study for CPA exam success.

In addition, many public accounting firms specialize in the insurance industry. They are primarily involved in auditing insurance companies. Working in this capacity is a sound way of gaining entry into the insurance field. Executive posts at insurance companies are commonly filled by candidates recruited from public accounting firms with insurance clients. This is especially true of smaller insurance concerns.

Accounting students can even establish an early exposure to the insurance business. Companies frequently hire college students for part-time positions at insurance call centers or summer jobs conducting bookkeeping tasks. Getting noticed by supervisors is a pathway many students have used to gain employment after graduation. Permanent jobs under the supervision of a CPA at an insurance company usually satisfy the experience requirements accounting grads need to capture their own CPA licenses. Moreover, studying for the CPA exam is a lot easier with the regular hours at an insurance company compared to the demands at a public accounting firm.

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