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A Few Faces of Fast Forward Academy

A Few Faces of Fast Forward Academy

Meet some of the team helping to redefine online learning.

“My passion is connecting people to our product and seeing them thrive in the usage of it.”

Ryan MillsUser-Design

“When you pick up the phone, send us an email, or give us a chat, we want you to feel like a friend rather than a customer. Our goal is to provide a unique conversation that makes you feel like a partner.”

Jeni OfarrilAttentive Service

“The Partner's knowledge of the local community ensures we receive great feedback and lets us tailor offerings to best suit the needs of the individual student.”

Melissa FiencoValuable Partnerships

“The vision of Fast Forward Academy is to build a personalized education platform and experience that touches every single student on the planet at some point during their lifelong learning journey.”

Samir KachwallaPersonalized Learning

“We invent technology that helps people succeed in life. What is cooler than that? Technology is changing education, and we embrace it. It’s an exciting place to be right now.”

Rain HughesLeading the Way

“Adapting the education process to modern technology is an exciting role. My goal is to create a seamless user experience where technology supports the learning process rather than hindering it.”

Sean McCartUser Experience

“When I think of earning a professional designation, I think of it as achieving educational ‘nerd-vana’. It’s an honor to help people break free from the monotony of a credential-less work life.”

Chad AlbrittonMeaningful Content

“I strive to deliver the professional vision that we desire and need to stand out from the crowd.”

Jake GrotelueschenInnovative Design
What We Are Passionate About

We Are Passionate About

Personalized Learning

The ability to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses is crucial to student success. This insight allows us to personalize the learning experience with recommendations that are unique to each student.

Academic Support

Our students often study alone, but that doesn’t mean they are alone. Stumped on a question? With a single click, students can reach an instructor quickly, when they need it most.

User-friendly Design

While the subject may be complex, the study experience doesn’t need to be. We work very hard to ensure our students have not only the best tools, but the best experience using them.

Customer Service

We make it our business to provide world class service. Whether by phone, chat, or email, our staff is always friendly and ready to help.