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  • Patented technology nobody else has
  • Integrated academic support
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Reveal Opportunities


As you answer questions, the system learns how well you comprehend the subjects covered. Our patented technology compares your subject performance to a variety of factors, including a benchmark of successful students, to determine the subjects that with the best opportunity to improve your performance.

Study Bank Features:

  • Thousands of questions with comprehensive explanations
  • Comprehensive performance measurement
  • Filter questions by chapter, subject, or weak areas.
Focus Your Review

Focus Your Review

We can leverage your performance data to focus your time more effectively. With the click of a button you can shrink the text of the FastBook down to the sections that are important to your review. Special filters in the Study Bank allow you to concentrate your studies on the right areas.


  • Enter notes and highlight content
  • FastFocus one-click review
Emulate the Real Test

Diagnostic Exams

Prepare with confidence. You receive more than just a score. We help you know when you are ready and if not we clearly indicate the areas you need to review. Diagnostic exams unleash powerful new features in the Study Bank and FastBook, so you can quickly work on any new opportunities to improve.

Diagnostic Exam Features:

  • Unlimited unique exams
  • Timed and subject-weighted
  • Scoring and full subject analysis
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