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We help tax and accounting professionals take their careers to the next level with a learning experience unlike any other!
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Expert Instruction
The foundation of a great course is expert instruction and content. We organize the most important exam topics in a clear and efficient way, allowing you to focus on what you must know to pass the test.
Powerful Technology
We have spent millions developing personalized learning technology to improve the way you learn, earning a patent along the way. You simply won’t find a learning experience like this anywhere else.
Unparalleled Support
Self-study doesn’t mean you’re alone—we are your partner in success—in your corner every step of the way. Give us the opportunity and we will exceed your expectations.
”Just passed the final part of the Enrolled Agent exam! Thank you, Fast Forward Academy. Your study materials were spot on and I passed every part on my first try. I was confident and absolutely prepared thanks to the study bank and practice exams. I'll be back for CPE classes!”
— Paula M.
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A Modern Approach to Certification Exam Review

Earning a professional credential is one of the most important decisions that you make in your career. Is a certification exam standing in your way? If so, our industry leading exam review methods can help you succeed.

The promise of online adaptive learning is a more efficient study experience. While many exam review providers claim to have adaptive learning platforms, the reality is that few are able to deliver real value. We recognize that technology is changing education and we embrace it by leading the way with new innovations. Our approach to exam prep is about empowering you to make data driven decisions as you learn. Nothing will ever replace hard work, but the right focus can be the difference in your success.

Real Success Stories

We don't use deceptive pass rates or gimmicks. Here's what actual Fast Forward Academy students had to say.
  • "As someone who used Becker many years ago, I can say that FFA gave me what I needed, when I needed. Unlike other review courses, FFA doesn't tell you what to highlight on each page so you can go back and study. FFA actually assesses your knowledge in real time, 24/7!"

    Hilda C.
  • "After the initial review and practice tests, the Lectures were extremely helpful. They solidified what I had reviewed and gave additional insight and examples. I would highly recommend this course for anyone who wish to study and pass the EA exam."

    Jacqualin P.
  • "What I found helpful was the videos and the small quizzes. The videos because it made me feel like I was in a real course. The small quizzes because they honed in on what I should be targeting."

    Amanda C.
  • "I passed all 3 SEE exams on the first try. Taking multiple practice tests and reviewing the questions I missed not only helped narrow down the areas I needed to concentrate on but also put me back in "test mode" - something I needed after being out of college for 20 years!"

    Dawn H.
  • "The study quiz and practice exams really helped. I would highly recommend Fast Forward Academy because I found the material pretty straight forward."

    Zankar M.
  • "The explanations to the questions were very helpful. The addition of the video lectures were excellent. Practice! practice! And more practice!"

    Derrick M.
  • "With your program I was able to take all three parts of the EA examples in the month of June 2017 and passed all three parts. "

    Virgil K.
  • "Becoming an EA has opened up so many doors in our offices. The EA status has saved our client thousands of dollars. "

    Ann R.
  • "Even me at 60 years old…over 40 years since high school or college, used this program to pass all three SEE exams first time. I did it to show my tax pros that if I can do it why can’t you? "

    Rick H.
  • "These guys are the bomb! I signed up for the EA course route and heavily relied on them and passed each exam first time through… great program! "

    Leane R.
  • "Fastforward Academy helped me pass the exam to become an Enrolled Agent on the first attempt! Easy to follow course and continuing education with Fastforward is awesome!!! "

    Renee S.
  • "Great experience. Very good learning system. I passed all the exams on first try."

    Jim K.
  • "Using Fast Forward Academy was a huge help in earning the credential of Enrolled Agent. The book was the starting platform, but the online study tools is what really helped me get through the 3 part Enrolled Agent Exam. The ease of use in the online practice tests, and seeing in real time the answers and the reasoning behind the answers ..."

    Nancy G.
  • "The practice questions really helped me prepare for the test and get the “nerves” out of the way. I used my iPad and it was super easy to read the text, prep on questions and take the knowledge with me. When I missed a quiz question the answers helped me learn what I was applying wrong. I Passed all 3 the first time!!"

    Steff H.
  • "My clients needed more help than I could give them and NOW I am ready to take on anything. Thanks Fast Forward!!"

    Linda K.
  • "Fast Forward helped our whole team take and pass the EA Exams all three Parts!"

    Jamie K.
  • "Passing the EA Exam has been great for my business. It has opened the door for me to help current and new clients with IRS Letters and issues that I couldn’t have helped before. This will help me expand and grow my business going forward. Without the materials from Fast Forward Academy, I never would have passed the exam!"

    Matt G.
  • "Fast forward academy helped me with sitting and passing my EA Exam a few years ago. The textbook helped me to prepare for the questions I would be answering. I would highly recommend FFA to everyone for a fast path to success."

    Dawn P.