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Your time is valuable! Pass the Enrolled Agent Exam with a course that helps you make better decisions as you study. This is the #1 Enrolled Agent Exam prep course for a reason.


EA study tools

  • Paperback and digital textbook for all 3 EA Exams
  • 45+ video lectures (over 10 hours)
  • 3,500 EA review questions
  • Unlimited practice exams

Advanced learning platform

  • Access learning resources together with split-view
  • Online study groups & instructor support
  • Detailed history and performance reports
  • Digital flashcard creator
  • Desktop, mobile, & tablet friendly
  • Integrated IRS Forms and Publications, Excel, and more!

Why Choose Fast Forward Academy?

we make it easier to learn.

Become a highly efficient learning machine with the side-by-side design of our platform. All of your learning resources are connected and easily accessible with just a click. This means that the information you need is always within reach, so you spend less time searching and more time studying.



As you study, we track your performance and confidence in each topic to show you where you’re doing well and where to invest your time. No other Enrolled Agent course is this precise! Combined with practice exams that are structured and timed like the real thing, you’ll know when you’re ready to pass.


As you study, we track your performance and confidence in each topic to show you where you’re doing well and where to invest your time. No other Enrolled Agent course is this precise! Combined with practice exams that are structured and timed like the real thing, you’ll know when you’re ready to pass.



Connect with our team of instructors and other students in our Online Community and get help with difficult Enrolled Agent exam topics or questions. Whether you’re watching video lectures, reading your textbooks, or answering review questions, we bring the conversation right to you.



We won’t insult your intelligence with make believe pass rates and twisted statistics. We certainly won’t make secret payments to shady review sites to rank us as "2018’s Best Enrolled Agent Course." Marketing gimmicks, fake reviews, and fantasy pass rates won’t help you pass. You deserve the highest quality instruction, the most advanced technology, and unrivaled support until you pass all of your exams. You won’t ever need to pay to take this Enrolled Agent course again. We will do our best to exceed your expectations.

Rain Hughes —Rain Hughes, CEO

Loaded with powerful features that help you learn, focus, & succeed

Split View Experience Access all of your learning resources quickly with the efficient, side-by-side design of our platform.
Fast Focus Review A variety of reports help you analyze your exam and study history. We integrate your data to create a personalized review with one-click intelligent learning to focus your time more effectively.
Highlight & Take Notes Easily highlight important information in your textbooks, take notes, and organize them by color.
Digital Flashcard Creator Boost memorization and engage your active recall. Turn your notes into a personalized deck of flashcards that you can drill on any device.
Integrated IRS Publications   IRS publications are accessible right from your study tools, so you won't have to waste time searching for them.
Excel Spreadsheet We give you a fully-functional Excel spreadsheet that makes complicated calculations a breeze.
Video Player & Slides Our custom-built video player allows you to skip to important sections, while the corresponding slides ensure you don't miss any of the key points.
Online Community Connect with subject-matter experts and other students from anywhere in the course and get the help you need, when you need it.
History Detailed reports show your performance and confidence level in each topic so you can prioritize your study time.
Access Anytime, Anywhere The course is desktop, tablet, and mobile friendly, so you can study from anywhere with just your web browser and an internet connection.
Expert Instruction Master the key concepts with 10 hours of instructor-led video lectures. Over 45 lessons simplify the difficult topics for increased comprehension and retention. Video lectures reinforce the reading material and practice questions for an efficient, streamlined learning experience.
Intelligent EA Textbooks Your performance guides you throughout the enrolled agent course, whether you are in the textbook or answering quiz questions. We analyze your study activity to better understand how well you know the various topics covered on the Enrolled Agent exam.
Simulate the Enrolled Agent Exam Get the confidence you need to pass the first time. Our exams are as close as you will get to the real Enrolled Agent exam. If you can pass with us, you can schedule the official IRS exam with confidence.



Enrolled Agent Course Questions

What features set your Enrolled Agent course apart from others?

Our Enrolled Agent course features include:

  • Unlimited EA practice exams
  • Integrated academic and community support
  • Over 3,600 exam questions with comprehensive explanations
  • Hundreds of video explanations for most difficult questions
  • Seamless connection to Online Textbook during study session
  • Mark questions for review later
  • Take and organize notes

Which of the following advanced filtering options are available?

Selecting the right EA exam questions to study is easy in our Enrolled Agent course. In addition to looking at questions for a particular topic, you can further isolate questions in the following ways:

  • Focus on unseen questions only
  • Filter Enrolled Agent exam questions by topic
  • Review EA exam questions you previously answered incorrectly
  • Create a review of your biggest subject opportunities

How do you use the “Fast Focus” feature in the enrolled agent course?

Use Fast Focus to narrow your review in the EA study bank or online textbook to the areas that could help you most when you take the actual Enrolled Agent exam. With one click, you can zero in on all of the areas that could have the biggest impact on your EA exam score. We call this feature “Fast Focus” because it allows you to concentrate on the most important questions and content. This feature is most helpful after completing the questions for each chapter, and in the final review before you take your test.

EA Online Course

The online enrolled agent exam course helps you learn more efficiently, utilizing an intelligent online textbook, thousands of EA review questions, and unlimited practice exams with subject analysis and advanced reporting. Instructor videos are available for many of the most difficult exam questions.

EA Smart Bundle

This complete course for all three Enrolled Agent exams includes the paperback edition of the EA textbook plus access to all of the questions and advanced technology of our online enrolled agent exam course. Focus on the right topics with clear recommendations on where to invest your study time.

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