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Studying for the enrolled agent (EA) exam means learning about a number of different topics related to the tax world. Studying doesn’t always come easy to everyone, but it’s a skill you’ll need to learn to significantly increase your chances of passing the test. Let’s review some scheduling tips to help you prepare for your EA exam. Knowing how to set yourself up for success will reduce any feelings of anxiety.

Know What the Test Consists Of

Before anything, you need to familiarize yourself with the test itself so you go in knowing what to expect. Know that there are three Parts to the test; each part contains 100 questions you need to answer.

You’ll have three and a half hours to complete each part, with a single planned 15-minute break after completion of the first 50 questions. Unscheduled breaks may be taken as needed. Make sure you go in prepared and ready to face the test’s format, don’t let anything catch you by surprise.

Have a Consistent Study Plan

Studying requires consistency; otherwise, you risk not dedicating enough time to each part of the test. Set time aside every week and stick to that schedule; try not to let other things interfere with planned study time. It doesn’t have to be intensive sessions, but you need to make sure you give yourself the time you need every week to guarantee you know the material.

Plan Time Away From Studying

While you need to remain consistent with your study patterns, this doesn’t mean it should be your entire life. Burnout is common among people who overexert themselves in their given task, especially when it comes to studying.

You need to take time away from your studies and let your mind decompress from the flow of information. Establishing your study routine means knowing when you’ll study and when you’ll take a day off to come back refreshed and ready to learn more.

Find Prep Courses

Knowing what to study and when can take some time to figure out, and structure is essential to make the best use of your time. Because of this need for structure and direction, it’s necessary to look for enrolled agent prep courses. Prep courses afford you the opportunity to communicate with instructors through discussion forums, take mock tests, and identify where you struggle and where you excel.

These prep tests also desensitize you to taking the real one, as you’ll have a lot of testing experience going into it. Studying on your own is good but leveraging the knowledge of instructors and other students is even better.

Set Yourself Up for Success

Take advantage of these tips to help you prepare for your enrolled agent exam. You’ll need to study a wide variety of material and studying all the necessary material will only increase your chances of success. Use all the resources at your disposal, whether online prep courses or rethinking your study habits.

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