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Have you had the desire to work from home? If so, a career in the financial world may be a plausible option for you. From financial accounting and costing accounting to auditing, there are several financial careers that can provide you the opportunity to work from home. Check out these three work-from-home jobs you may have never considered.

Financial Accounting

Financial accounting involves the documentation, briefing, and reporting of financial statements for a business. These statements may include but are not limited to an income statement, cash flow statement, and retained earnings. Each of these things, including balance sheets, are legally required for all registered businesses and should be included in annual reports for each company. These reports enable management to analyze and correct financial issues, and to problem-solve and prevent future issues. Typically, if there is an IRS audit, an analysis of these statements is first on their to-do list. If you’re interested in pursuing financial accounting, check out these online continuing education accounting courses.

Cost Accounting

Cost accounting is the analysis and reporting of where a company is spending its money as it relates to the production of goods/services. As a part of cost accounting, identifying this cost structure is a beneficial form of accounting because it shows a company where they are losing money and where it can be saved. In turn, the company can have better control costs and become more efficient over time. Two examples of cost accounting include indirect costs and variable costs. Indirect costs occur when money is allocated to things like electricity or water for a working building. It does not primarily focus on the product. Variable costs show any increase or decrease in materials costs needed to create or build a product. Cost accounting is another great option that could provide you with the opportunity to work from home. Although the education and licensing exam can seem intimidating, there are accounting exam prep resources that can make the task less daunting.


Auditing is a third job that you can pursue while working from home. Auditing is the objective examination of a business’ financial statements in order to determine whether the financial activity is fairly stated, if it contains errors, or is intentionally misstated. Specific criteria are used for this evaluation, including the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (U.S. GAAP) adopted by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. All publicly traded companies are independently audited at least once per year.

These three work-from-home jobs you may have never considered might be for you. Whether you’ve already dabbled in the financial world or it’s new to you, online education accounting courses and exam prep resources can help you stand confidently on your own two feet.

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