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If you become an enrolled agent, you will have to decide which avenue to take. Tax preparer, bookkeeper, and tax manager are a few examples of options for enrolled agents. Salary can be a driving factor for this large decision. Dive deeper and discover what the expected salary is of an enrolled agent.

Tax Preparer

A tax preparer does what the title says. The role is to work with taxpayers to complete federal and state tax returns. Within this role, preparers may work for a business or choose to be self-employed. The busiest season for a tax preparer is December through April. On average, this role makes $41,000 annually. If this sounds interesting, check out online accounting courses and exam prep.


A bookkeeper works with a business to keep the business finances under control. Without a bookkeeper, a business could inaccurately report its financial status and potentially make some risky decisions. This position ensures that safe and smart decisions are made in the businesses’ best interests. Although bookkeepers don’t directly handle taxes, it is beneficial to have experience with tax planning. On average, a bookkeeper makes $41,000 dollars annually.

Tax Manager

A tax manager is an important role within a business model; this position takes care of all tax reporting. This means they make sure local, state, and federal tax laws are being followed. Tax managers work year-round to ensure laws are being followed to minimize risk of the organization receiving an audit. In addition to learning any law changes, a tax manager makes sure an organization does not underpay its tax liability. The enrolled agent designation provides the opportunity to pursue this role. On average, a tax manager makes $96,000 annually.

Now you know what the expected salary of an enrolled agent is. If one of these rolls fits your personality and goals, pursue becoming an enrolled agent today! A comfortable salary awaits.

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