Hawaii CPA Exam Requirements

Hawaii is like no other place on earth. Interested in in partaking in the aloha spirit? View the exam-sitting requirements, licensure requirements, and contact information for the Hawaii State Board of Accountancy below.

CPA Exam Requirements

Check if you meet the requirements to sit for the exam.

Age: 18
Education: Bachelor's degree of 120 hours is required to sit for the exam 24 semester hours in upper division accounting courses
Citizenship: Citizenship is required.
Residency: Residency is not required.

Additional Education Requirements

CPA Licensure Requirements

Here’s what you need to become licensed in the state of Hawaii.

Bachelor's Degree of 150 semester hours is required.

Experience Requirements

1,500 hours in auditing experience or 2 years in government, industry, public practice, or academia

State Board Contacts

Get in touch with your local State Board of Accountancy.

Hawaii Board of Public Accountancy
Dept. of Commerce & Consumer Affairs
335 Merchant Street, P.O. Box 3469
Honolulu, HI
State Board Website


View Application and Testing Fees

Initial Application Fee $170.00
AUD $193.45
BEC $173.60
FAR $193.45
REG $173.60
Total $904.10


View local Prometric testing centers and schedule your exam.

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To receive your CPA license additional requirements may be necessary. As fees and rules may change, we recommend contacting your State Board of Accountancy for more information.

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