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About The CPA Exam Requirements

Ethics Requirement

In addition to the four parts of the CPA Examination, many states will require that you also complete an Ethics exam to become licensed.

Residency Requirement

Each state has its own rules regarding residency. Certain states have a minimum 6-month residency requirement while others allow nonresidents to sit for the exam.

Participates in International Exam

In order to take the CPA examination internationally, you need to apply to one of the 55 State Boards of Accountancy. Certain state boards will allow international test takers, but others will not.

150 Hours Req. To Sit For Exam

While all State Boards of Accountancy require 150 hours of education to become licensed, there are still quite a few that will allow you to sit for the examination with less. Are you currently a student? States like Florida and California will allow you to take the CPA exam with only 120 hours of education.

Minimum Age Requirement

Under the age of 18 but looking to take the CPA exam? Many states will require that you be 18 years of age or older prior to testing, but there are many options like New York and Texas which will allow you to test at any age.

Citizenship Requirement

Nearly every state will ask you for a Social Security Number when you apply for the CPA Exam, but most will allow you to test without this. Do you only have resident status or are you applying internationally? Use our filter above to see which states are right for you.

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