Why become an enrolled agent?

As an Enrolled Agent you have opportunities to increase your salary by charging a fee for representation services, tax advice, or opinions on tax matters. EAs can work year-round, representing taxpayers in examinations, audits, installment agreements, collections and appeals.

Armed with the ability to provide additional services, the Enrolled Agent credential increases the value you bring to clients, but it also increases the revenue potential that current clients bring to a tax practice.

For these reasons, EAs are in high demand and often earn a higher salary than tax return preparers who are unable to offer these services. On average, EAs can earn more per year than tax preparers. Compare Enrolled Agent salary in your city with a salary search tool.

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Seven Careers for Enrolled Agents

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Career Success

"Two immediate benefits of obtaining the EA designation: (1) my earnings were 32% higher during this past tax season, (2) more complex income tax returns were made available for me to complete. There is also the confidence factor, in knowing that I am a more capable tax professional."


"Earning the EA Designation brought my credentials inline with my professionalism and experience. It is a great talking point with my clients and gave me the confidence to increase my fees."


"Earning my EA was the first step in growing my business. It proves that I am knowledgeable and that I am a true tax professional committed to serving the tax needs of my clients. The doors are wide open for me to focus on tax planning, tax controversy and tax resolution which will be the focus of my practice."


“I have a much greater knowledge base after taking the study courses and passing the exams. I work at a CPA firm, and my EA designation puts me on the POA's to help handle notices - plus the pay raise is a bonus!


“Earning my EA designation gave me more knowledge to serve my clients and also increased my per return pay.”


“I received a pay raise from my company, I'm able to serve clients with more complicated returns and help with IRS & State letters and notices more than just advising them as to what they can do to resolve the issues with whatever taxing authority they received the notice from.”


“Yes, earning the EA designation benefited me. My employer pays more in bonuses to EAs. Clientele ask about it and spread the word which increases business.”


My pay is increased due to being an EA. New clients came to me after seeing that I was an EA on our website. I was even able to help some clients with a compliance audit.”


YES, Earning the EA designation has increased pay at work. Having the ability to take POA for clients to resolve even most basic irs issues is a huge benefit.”


“Yes. The EA credential allowed me to represent clients before the IRS just in time for the new changes in the 2848. As an unenrolled preparer my limitations were becoming more strict. My ability to serve clients in tax resolution has also increased tremendously and a whole new division in my firm has risen.”


“Yes, earning the EA made me "more attractive" to new clients. It also increased my earnings.”


“Obtaining the EA designation increased my knowledge of taxes and my credibility with Financial Advisors that I help put financial plans together for.”


“It helped me to gain more complex clients and increased my earnings by $11 per return.”


“Earning the EA designation not only increased my compensation, ability to serve clients, it also help me to gain clients confidence in me.”


“Definitely. It has given me the opportunity to take on more complex returns. My job is harder now, I rarely do a 1040ez, but it is more rewarding and fun. And it has definitely increased my earning capability.”


“Earning my EA was beneficial. Although it is not the highly desirable CPA designation, it still made me a respected member of the accounting community and improved my earning potential.”


“It was a great benefit. First and foremost, EA allows me to practice anywhere, while my licenses to practice law are limited to each state where I have bar membership.”


“Getting my EA designation enabled me to get a new job. Now I'm branching out and doing more year round tax work for clients.”


“I started my own tax practice, and I'm now earning a great living.”


“Great program has helped me gain extensive training in the tax arena. Which has helped me gain new clients.”


“Yes it did benefit me. I have been in accounting for 40 years and my main line has been business taxation for partnerships and s-corporations. I have been given a new opportunity to work more closely with personal returns and gaining this designation has helped in educating me and to give me credibility with new clients.”


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"I used FFA for the EA exam after becoming frustrated with GLEIM and fell in love with your adaptive software. I passed all parts of the EA and all aspects of my job are now better. Your software and overall system is a large part of the reason I am an EA today. Thank you!"

- Ken
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